the universal DND Dm Screen to make your campaign amazing

What is a DND Dm Screen

A Dnd Dm screen is something that most modules provide for good reason. My first Campaign Out of the Abyss had a super iconic Dm screen that let me a newbie know what a drow was. The art certainly set the tone for adventure and was out in play so we were constantly reminded. I recommend the Out of the abyss Dm screen if you want a traditional tool. A Dm Screen is something that the Dm can look to during play to be organized and helps them if they are in a pinch.  A Dm screen also lets the dungeon master hide the rolls of the dice to keep a battle climactic. It also contains a summary of the adventure. As I did a homebrew campaign I used my laptop using One Note. This let me navigate tabs easily to also track monster hp and initiative. I recommend using one note as a dm Screen for a personal Campaign as a free option. You can organize information and access it quickly navigating highly categorized menus. I specifically made tabs including all the player characters and their goals, dungeons, and a method of improvising npcs. This makes your game more fluid, which is of utmost importance for fun and immersion. One Note but with more customizability behind it would be LegendKeeper. With Legendkeeper, users can create custom maps that can be zoomed in and out, edited, and annotated. They can also create detailed timelines that track the history of their worlds, including major events, significant characters, and cultural developments. Users can also create character profiles that describe their appearance, personality, backstory, and relationships with other characters. These reasons make LegendKeeper like a Dm Screen.

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Why Legendkeeper is the Dream DND Dm Screen

I praised One Note for its ability to keep things organized and its friendly user interface. Legendkeeper takes all my praises of One Note and goes the extra mile. It is not just a Dm Screen but something players can use to read about your world. Does that sound like the players will know too much? LegendKeeper have you covered my friend, they allow you to grant and restrict access tabs to individual players. For example, the only person who can look at the backstory of a player character is that player character and the Dungeon Master. This lets players take notes way more efficiently. It also has a nice visual aspect that you couldn’t replicate in One note. It has pins for maps so you can better visualize the world. For any Dm who loves to be organized, I can’t recommend using Legendkeeper enough. Below is a sample of our group’s world. Using Legendkeeper is akin to a high-quality DnD Dm screen.

Dnd Dm Screen

Legendkeeper Price

I normally hate subscription services. Legendkeeper also seems like a big ask for 90$ for 1 year. However, as DND is a group hobby the burden is not completely on you. It’s also not just you who benefits from the purchase. The whole group can access your legend keeper world and interact with the notes you allow them to see. This makes your worldbuilding so much more beneficial. When I built my world unassisted a lot of the details were looked over, forgotten, and made irrelevant. With the help of Legendkeeper, this is no longer the case. Things become more real than ever when you put them in Legendkeeper. By virtue, This makes your Campaign feel Alive. Your Campaign Won’t go on forever so I have no qualms about paying for a subscription service. When your campaign ends you are likely to remember to cancel the subscription.  Legendkeeper on their site additionally gives a good reason for the subscription model. They have to earn their business which properly incentivizes them to not delay updating the project. This allows them to focus on giving quality to existing customers rather than chasing new customers and devoting time away from working on the software.


Why Players will love Legendkeeper

Legendkeeper is a great tool for Dungeon Masters. We all love organization and ease. We all want our work to be relevant and players to be curious. For Players, things are typically a harder sell. They are less invested as they are there for the ride. Hopefully, I can make a case though, Legendkeeper is a tool that will make your campaign play a way it probably hasn’t before. You can be more active in downtime by exploring activities. You can read prompts for actions without everyone veering for the dungeon master’s attention, the notes are right there for you. I am so excited to play in a campaign using Legendkeeper for these reasons. Real Dnd issues are solved with this product. It’s not just a tool facilitating the creation of a campaign but one that enhances playtime.

Legendkeeper is in Beta and has support

Legendkeeper is currently in a state where it is polished enough to be a product but it is not finalized. The developers are currently working on putting more into their dream which is to create the ultimate worldbuilding tool. They have their plans displayed openly so you know what to expect for the future. When Legendkeeper updates you stay on the same plan so you only have an upside to gain. Legendkeeper is very exciting to me for this reason. 


I am looking forward to using Legendkeeper in my group’s campaigns. Using technology and resources available to us is a hallmark of great dungeon masters. Don’t be afraid to use things. DND should be a passion and these tools enable us to keep it from feeling like work. Legendkeeper solves real problems that I had when I used Onenote. I wish that my information could have been read by the players at any time. I wish that their backstories were there for us to see. Instead of having a regretful attitude, I am glad that my mistakes have enabled me to see the importance of a world builder like Legendkeeper.

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